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Cynthia Blair

Welcome to Mrs. Blair’s Online Classroom

Dear Parents,

  What a crazy time is this?!  Due to the need for social distancing during this COVID-19 time, we are providing ways to learn from home.  The state of Texas has said that providing this learning form option will keep us from being penalized for missing these days.  

  I will be communicating with your child for class through Microsoft Teams.  There are directions and a video below that will provide guidance on how to access Microsoft Teams.   I will be using a variety of methods for learning activities.  I will be using a few options for grades in class.  I will be online through out the school day for students to be able to ask questions about assignments.    

   Please help your child to be diligent about checking online daily for assignments.  This will be a learning experience for all of us.  Thank you for your patience during this time as well.

  Stay well, 

  Mrs. Blair


To get to TEAMS (there are several ways)

-- Click on ClassLink (near bottom of page) – will load up all of your apps for school to click on 

   – Click on Microsoft 365

     – Log in using and your normal password

      – Click on Teams


-- Click on Webmail (option on top green line)  or Inside LCM (option on green line in middle of site)

    – Log on to Microsoft 365

     --Log in using and your normal password

      – Click on Teams


Video:  How to access Microsoft Teams



If you have questions or concerns, please email me at


First Assignment:

Hello!  If you have not done so, ask parents if you may download the free app entitled “Sky View Lite”.  It is an awesome app that will show the location of our planets, our star the Sun, the International Space Station, and stars outside of our Solar System.  If you place your finger on the planet, etc., the app will identify it for you.  You will be able to use it anytime but especially on clear nights.  Share the experience with your family!

Second Assignment is on Teams  (Have you wondered…?)

Third Assignment is on Teams (Meteors, Meteoroids, and Meteorites...What’s the difference?)

There is a reminder of the act of plagiarism that I have included on Teams.  I will see that you viewed it.  Simply read it and keep in mind as you do your assignments please.

Fourth Assignment is on Teams  (Space Review – ten multiple choice questions) 

Fifth Assignment – Star and Planet Gazing Tonight!  If you haven’t downloaded the free SkyView Lite app., tonight would be a perfect night to gaze at the stars and planets!  Just an FYI, stars twinkle and planets do not.  Also, remember there is only one star in our Solar System and that star is our Sun!  All of the other stars that we see are outside of our Solar System.  I would like you to do a little gazing and write 3-5 sentences about your experience.   If you share this experience with others, remember to practice social distancing.  Stay safe!          Ask your parents before downloading the app.

Sixth Assignment is on Teams  (Planets and Stars – ten multiple choice questions)

Seventh Assignment is on Teams  (“Luminous” or “Illuminated”?)  

The end of the 5th six weeks was on Friday, April 3rd.

Unit 9 – Investigating Taxonomic Groups

Eighth Assignment is on Teams (“Research “The Cell Theory” then answer three questions)

“Can you access the online textbook?”  I wanted students to practice accessing the online text for future assignments.

Ninth Assignment is on Teams (Cells)

Spring Break!  No assignments (April 10 – 17) 

10th  Assignment is on Teams (History of Cells)

11th Assignment is on Teams (Earth Day! April 22, 2020)

12th Assignment is on Teams (Cell Parts-pages 598-600)

13th  Assignment is on Teams (Classification of Living Things pages 602 – 616)

Access  successfully. (ex. smithaz00     Bears2019!  )

14th Assignment is on Teams (Science Starter Introduction)

15th Assignment is on Teams (Science Starter – Cells)     Due Friday, May 8th.

I will assign five more Science Starters next week for those working online using Teams. I will make the assignments on Monday.  All work for this six weeks will be due by Friday, May 15th.  For those of you who are doing written work, there is a drop box next to the doors by the boys’ gym. 

All work for this six weeks is due by Friday, May 15th.




Online Science Textbook Information

HMH Think Central which is Science and math for 6-8:

username:  The student’s complete school email   (example

password:  Bears2019!

Customer support:   1-800-419-3900 for log in issues


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