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2023-2024 Yearbook information

Heidi Strandberg
Phone: (409) 883-2317


Jeremy Watzlavik                              Tesssa Humble
Assistant Principal                        
Assistant Principal 


Katie Stout
Phone: (409) 883-2317 Ext. 3100

Yearbook information

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Teacher of the Year Maria Berlinger

Paraprofessional of the Year Elizabeth Franklin

LCJH Photo ID Policy:

Your children are very important to us here at LCJH! As an extra safety measure, all students will be receiving a Photo ID and lanyard.  The first ID and lanyard will be absolutely free! All students will be required to wear their Photo ID on a lanyard, around the neck. It is to be displayed at all times while on campus. A routine ID check will be made daily during 2nd. If the student does not have their ID in 2nd, a new one will be requested immediately by the 2nd period teacher and the student will be charged $5. They will receive their new ID by 4th period in order to wear it the remainder of the day. The $5 will not include a new lanyard. In order to maintain some individuality, students are welcome to wear any lanyard that is school appropriate.
We appreciate your help in making LCJH a safe place to be!