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DATE 6 Math Multimedia Robotics 7H Math
  Paper - 30 min Paper - 30 min Paper - 30 min Paper - 30 min
3/17/2020 WS - Area of Quadrilaterals Reteach/Practice 16-1 Keep a journal of your social distancing life.  Write a few sentences each day.  Take or draw a picture.  Make a collage from an app, with words and pictures.  Send in by email at the end of each week Lego Activity 1 ARB 45/46 Math Vocabulary Crossword
3/18/2020 16-2 WS Area of Triangles Reteach and Practice Lego Activity 2
3/19/2020 Lego Activity 3 ARB 55, Math Cards #1-8
3/20/2020 Area WS Make sure all 3 have been completed ARB 56,  Math Cards 9-16
3/23/2020 Solving Area Equations 16-3 Reteach/Practice Lego Activity 4 ARB 60, Cards 17-24
3/24/2020 ARB 61, Practice Test
3/25/2020 Solving Volume Equations Reteach/Practice Lego Activity 5
3/27/2020 Begin Unit 8/9 Review Lego Activity 6


At the end of each week, or as the assignment is completed email a picture or PDF into 

-- Apps such as Microsoft Lens will allow you take a picture of a Worksheet as a PDF and makes it easier to turn in.


CLASSLINK website – logon here to find many of your classlinks in one place.  Log on with your school logon

If you are struggling with computer log ons – Please see this disrict help site


Dear Parents,

  What a crazy time is this?!  Due to the need for social distancing during this COVID-19 time, we are providing ways to learn from home.  The state of Texas has said that providing this learning option will keep us from being penalized for missing the days.  

  I will be communicating with your child for class through Microsoft Teams.  I have been using this for class on and off through out the year.  Today we have gone over how to get to the Teams site.  I will be using a variety of sites with your child for learning activities.  I will be using the completed assignments for grades in class.  I will be online through out the school day for students to be able to ask questions about assignments.  I will also be providing lesson videos to watch during this time.  

   Please help your child to be diligent about checking online daily for assignments.  This will be a learning experience for all of us.  Thank you for your patience during this time as well.

  Stay well, 

Mrs. Martin


To get to TEAMS (there are several ways)

-- Click on ClassLInk (near bottom of page) – will load up all of your apps for school to click on 

   – Click on Microsoft 365

     – Log in using and your normal password

      – Click on Teams


-- Click on Webmail (option on top green line)  or Inside LCM (option on green line in middle of site)

    – Log on to Microsoft 365

     --Log in using and your normal password

      – Click on Teams

If you are having problems logging on:
ISTATION – contact
MICROSOFT 365 – contact
Prodigy – contact


***Use the individual pages in the sidebar to find information specific to the class.



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