Useful Links
The Singing Musician Level One

This is the newest edition of the textbook the 6th graders use daily in class.

The Singing Musician Level Two SA

This book is what Treble Choir members use daily.  This is the updated edition – we are still using the 1st edition but it contains the same material.

The Singing Musician Level Two TB

This book is used for the Tenor Bass Choir.

The Singing Musician Level Three

The Varsity choir uses this book daily to learn valuable music literacy skills.

A virtual piano to practice skills.

Another online piano.  This one is smaller, but has more options.

Music Tech Teacher Games and Quizzes

This page has tons of games, quizzes and activities that we will use frequently in the computer lab.

Lots of different activities and practice exercises to help students recognized pitches and intervals.

Online music writing software.  We use this when we work on our composition unit.

A fun way to experiment with music by creating neighborhoods.

We use this sight when we learn about music history in America.

This is just a page to help students learn music theory on their own.