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Tiffani Wilson

Mrs. Tiffani Wilson

Assignments for March 16th – April 3rd.

I will be posting updates on Remind 101. Please look at your notifications. I will be posting all assignments through TEAMS in Microsoft Office 365 throughout the next three weeks. Each student has access to this and will be able to log on using their unsername and password they use TO LOG ON TO THE COMPUTER, then simply adding to the end of the username. The password is the same as they would use to log in to the computer.

HOW TO GET TO TEAMS: This is a direct link to take you to TEAMS, you will have to enter username and password but will be sent straight to the TEAMS home page once logged in. See information below if the link does not work for you.

Instruction to get to TEAMS if the link doesn’t work for you: Go to, go to inside lcm, locate microsoft 365, find the TEAMS icon and log in using the information above. When you are logged in, you will select the class period you are in and find your assignments.

Please look at due dates for each assignment and return by that date.



  1. As of right now, the only assignment posted is the Anne Frank short story that needs to be read and the chapter questions to answer. DUE DATE: Monday, March 23rd




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