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In STEM Multimedia, we will be :
1. Learning to type
2. Creating a portfolio
3. Learning Word
4. Researching and creating a Family Emergency Plan
5. Learning PowerPoint – linear presenations
6. Learning Prezi – nonlinear presentations
7, Creating a Passion Project – research something that interests and excites us
8. Studying Copyright Laws
9. Writing a Parody
10. Learning how to creae a 3D Design 
11. Learning to code a Flappy Bird Game and Dance Party Animation
12. Learning Excel
13. Reaserching a future careers and created a future budget.
14. Learning and understanding picture perspective
15. Creating original pictures through editing and/or adjusting the perspective of the object pictured and distance to cameras.
16. Creating original stop-motion videos on a varity of devices.
17. Speak to the class and others on FlipGrid
18. Creating original Voki animations


In STEM Multimedia Productions, we will be:

1. Creating original slides/flyers for announcements on campus
2. Learning to edit for composition and grammar
3. Create video announcements
4. Learn aspects of video editing
5. Create stop-motion videos
6. Update LCJH’s social media presence with pictures and articles from around campus 7. Use good digital citizenship in all that we do
8.  Be a leader on campus for appropriate use of technology and digital citizenship






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