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General Information

Yes, however I take 10 points off and for every week that it is late I deduct 10 points.

Algebra Readiness Builders are due the last day of the week.

If a student is absent they need to turn it in on the first day they are back or it will be a late grade.

If a student knows he/she is going to be absent he/she can turn it in the day before they are going to be out.

If a student is absent he/she must check the Absent Folder, it is their responsibility to do this.

Tutorials are offered everyday that my door is opened and during Study Hall.

If students want to come during Study Hall they must have me sign their planner.

All failing can be corrected and/or complete for a passing grade.  

Students will have a due date when the assignment is due, after that date the highest grade they can make is a 70.