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Jeremy Watzlavik

“Pre AP World History” & “The Revolutions” @ LCM HIgh School


Instructor: Jeremy Watzlavik


Room: G-17


Pre AP World History @ LCM High School.This class offers an overview of the entire history of humankind – a study of significant people, events, and issues from ancient times to the present, both Western civilization and other significant cultures. Geography and its impact on people and events is a major theme in this course. In addition, students will analyze the development of representative government and important legal and political concepts. They examine the history and impact of major religious and philosophical traditions. Students will also analyze the connections between developments in science and technology and the growth of industrial economics. Students will use a variety of primary and secondary sources such as biographies, autobiographies, novels, speeches and letters, poetry, music and works of art to support this study.


Revolutions @ LCM High School. The course offers students the chance to study the causes of the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Russian Revolution of 1917. Students will be expected to compare, contrast and critically analyze the causes, and the political, social and economic effects of each revolution and how they influenced each other. Students will be able to identify historical content in the context of the time period covered in this course. Students will be able to critically discuss the significance of major themes, key concepts, and identifiable terms as related to the social, political, and intellectual history of the period, as demonstrated through the student’s writing and examinations.



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