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Pre-AP World History

Required Materials


* A binder

* Plenty of loose leaf paper (to be placed in the aforementioned binder)

* 8 dividers to be placed inside of the binder.

* Black or Blue pen, or pencils. I am not picky on the colors, but anything turned in must be written in a "dark" color and cannot be written in any shade of red, pink, or orange.


*** I understand that it maybe difficult to purchase all of the materials at the beginning of school. Due to this, I am lenient for a couple of weeks concerning the organization of student binders. This being said, the student is responsible for all of the work covered during this period of leniency and thus I require the students have a minimum of loose leaf paper and the writing utensil. They can store their work however they see fit for the first couple of weeks until the aforementioned supplies have been purchased.


1st WEEK

During the first week of the course we will cover Pre-History and Ancient River Valley civilizations. The weekly course work will include, but is not limited to maps, lectures, and notes/daily work pertainning to the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Indus, and Ancient China.